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Instructors for the Riding School Programs

BJ Desjardins 

 Bj has been involved with horses since she was 12 years old. An active member  of the Sault Ste Marie Pony Club from ages 12-21. She acquired her C2 level and  began her teaching career then. Being a serious competitor in the Trillium  Circuit she had a love for the Hunter/ Jumper world.

 In 2007 she acquired her coaching level 2. She has been coaching at many  barns in the Southern Alberta region since then. BJ moved to Alborak in 2016  where she shares her Pony Club knowledge and her joys of coaching up and  coming riders.

Autumn Desjardins 

 Autumn has been riding since she was 5 years old. She has been competing in  the Hunter/ Jumper/ Eventing world since she was 6. She has been a active  member in Canadian Pony Club since she was 10 years old. She has acquired  her C2 level in Pony Club. In 2016 Autumn successfully completed getting her  Instructor of Beginners Certification in flat and jumping.

 She has spent a great deal of time working with young horses and assisting  their riders on how to ride them. She loves to work the horses through tough  issues and teaching them how to become trusty companions.

Justine Morley

 Justine's love for horses was short lived in her younger years, only to come back full throttle as an adult. Filling her time volunteering at a therapeutic barn in Windsor, Ontario, her patience and fun energy steered her into a career as a Certified Therapeutic Instructor. She was always asked to work the 'troubled' horses as her patience and calm demeanor seemed to help the high energy horses settle into their job.

 When deciding to move out west, her priorities were: 1. She needed to be close to the Rocky Mountains and 2. She needed to be working with horses.  After a season as a trail guide at Mouse Mountain Horseback Adventures (and working for both Lammles and the Horse Store in Calgary, Alberta) she was referred to a family run business that, from the beginning, felt like home.

As a certified Instructor of Beginner, she had been volunteering on Saturdays at Alborak stables since 2014 and in August of 2017 she finally made the jump from the corporate world to become the Program Coordinator for the riding school and the E/D level instructor of the Alborak Pony Club Riding Centre.

This is just the start as her passion for competing and training, both in and out of the saddle, will gain her knowledge and experience that she may pass down to generations to come.

Alex Nigg

 Alex has been riding since she was 10 years old. When she moved to Alborak Stable 4 years ago, she was introduced to the sport of eventing. Ever since then, she has been actively involved in competitive eventing. She currently owns her horse 'Kuna' which she events at the training level with hopes of competing in the upper levels. 

 Alex recently became an NCCP certified Instructor of Beginners and began teaching in the beginner programs at Alborak. She loves working with her students and can't wait to share her knowledge and passion for riding.